As promised, after the first article about how to save your skin with good makeup removal, Sabrina returns to the blog and focuses on 2 types of products that she loves (et j'adore), however be aware you need to use these products with moderation


Foaming Cleansing Water

Not all of these are adapted to the skin's hydropolidic film. There is only one exception: in summer, they are an excellent way to remove Suncream that sticks to the skin.



Do always follow this process with a cream milk or a lotion, a 3-step ritual in the Japanese way.


I tested this ritual on differents clients. It is perfect for every-day use for oily or acne-prono skin, clogged pores and smokers! Or you can use this treatment occasionally to restore radiance to your skin (I will come back to this point a bit later).


My winning trio

Illuminating Former Valmont

Gentle Milk Valmont

The tonic lightening Valmont


Makeup Remover Oil

This product is only justified in the case of a very heavy makeup like for example makeup for theatre, cinema, shooting photo in studio, and for all the "contouring" types. In this case, you have to use the oil with a milk-lotion duo, but never by itself. I prefer the formulas with plant oils which are more recommended than the "paraffinum liquidum" minerals because they can clog the pores, provoke micro cysts and stifle teh skin. 


I hope this was helpful for you this week. In the next beauty tip, Sabrina B. will share her opinion on micellar waters, make-up remover and refreshing wipes, and exfoliating lotions.


Click on the photos to be redirecting to the website Valmont and find these products.

valmont valmont2


Active ingredients: Niacinamide: limits the transfer of melanin. Zinc NMF: highlights, softens, and hydrates the skin. Gentle cleansings agents purify the complexion softly.


This liquid cleansing cream is a white emulsion, unctuous and incredibly light. Thanks to the combined action of two soft emulsions, WHITE FALLS eliminates impurities and respects the balance of the epidermis. Makeup removal for eyes too.


To find Valmont's product: visit the website

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