But first who is Sabrina?  

Sabrina is a natural beauty who is passionate about her work. She has worked for the most prestigious names in the Beauty industry in France and worldwide.

Today she has decided to bring together her savoir-faire (know-how) and high quality products. For Sabrina it's all about high standards and quality. Her beauty institute Sabrina B based in the very chic 16ème arrondissement in Paris welcomes you into an elegant and cosy atmosphere, a special place dedicated to you and to the beauty of your skin, body, and hair. 

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My first basic and not least beauty tip: "Save your skin with good makeup removal" By Sabrina


Wondering what are the secrets to ageing well are? They are based on 3 very simple things: good genes, a healthy lifestyle, and a good makeup removal.


But let’s focus on the last point: makeup removal. It is THE process to keep your skin youthful.

I was totally horrified when I noticed that the great majority of women do not remove makeup correctly or do not remove their makeup at all. Are you serious? "Well, I don't use much makeup!"” “Or you know, after a long day, I don’t have time so I prefer to use wipes". This is what I hear most of the time and absolutely can’t do this anymore.

Let me give you some advice about makeup removal. Ok I’m not a magician but I’m beautician!!!


It's time to review the basics.You definitely HAVE TO remove your makeup in the evening; it is essential!


Actually, we should refer to makeup removal-cleaning because even if you do not makeup, the evening is important for making "new skin". It is during the night that your skin works on repairing itself and regenerating itself and to do this,it has to be clean.

It is important to get rid of aggressive layers accumulated throughout the day: SPF day creams are very irritating if you don’t remove them. Particles of air pollution stick to the skin and makeup powders and pigments prevent your skin from breathing properly... Cleaning the face of superficial impurities is always a good idea. The priority is to protect the youth of the skin and avoid cellular dysfunctions such as a skin that is drier than usual, enlarged pores, a grey-complexion, spots, fine lines, and then wrinkles… This is certainly not what you want, is it?

In most cases, I advise using a Milk plus Lotion duo; the texture of the milk is the best to emulsify makeup and/or impurities without being abrasive or destabilising the balance of the skin. The reason for this is that the milk gets as close as possible to the surface of the skin affected by sebum and sweat. "The ideal milk also has to respect the pH of the weak acid skin, and have moisturizing and soothing properties". In short, it must have a top level formula.


Investing in a good makeup removal product and an anti-ageing cream is always a good idea. 


The lotion complements the skin by eliminating the residues which persist on the skin after the milk ans also tones the skin. To be perfectly effective, it must be chosen from the same line as the milk, both products having been formulated to complement each other. One does not do what the other does.


Olivier Claire "cleantime" make up remover duo.

Effective and delicate, Lait Démaquillant Haute Performance - the High Performance cleansing milk makeup remover and the High Performance Toner with native cells and organic vegetable extracts give you a fresh feeling skin with a range of benefits.

The concentrated active ingredients clean and regenerate your skin, and enhance your complexion.

With an element of both softness and shine, this beauty milk together with the toner composed of native sea fennel cells and fruit acids selected for their anti-oxidant action, will besome an esential part of your beauty care ritual.

Olivier Claire's products are designed to give you soft, luminous and perfectly clean skin with natutal freshness.

No colorants. No paraben.


lait demaquillant lotion


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