18-19-20 November 2016 at Como House & Garden - Melbourne




Défilé de Mode - Fashion Parade

Find me at Paris to Provence French Festival as a fashion collaborator. Indeed, this year Laura, the founder of Paris to Provence has decided to add a focus on 'la mode et le style' (Fashion and style) at this years Paris to Provence. Thank you so much for thinking of me. 

A special Thank you to our partners: Blue Illusion - Simone Pérèle - Bleu Blanc Rouge - Aigle 

Schedule: (Located: in front of Como House)

  • Friday: 7:15pm
  • Saturday: 11am and 3:30pm
  • Sunday: 11:30am


Workshop: Introduction to French Style

And so I was wondering what are your thoughts on French fashion? What is classic French style? On men and women.

You can now book your seat at the Grand Ballroom here.

Theme: Introduction to French Style

I will explain to you how France and especially Paris became an example of style in the world by visiting the period of Louis XIV, intoducing the iconic faces in fashion (I cannot make a workshop without speaking about Coco Chanel) and we will finish this workshops with few Fashion tips.

All Grand Ballroom sessions are free but are limited to the first 50 attendees. 
Please meet in front of the Como House Main Entrance 10 minutes prior your chosen session.

Schedule: (Located: the Grand Ballroom)

  • Friday: 12:45pm
  • Saturday: 4:30pm
  • Sunday: 1pm



New dates COMING SOON in 2017 


Source: Ruslan Nabiyev

Do you want to understand the world of wine? How to taste wine and impress your friends? At the same time having a French experience?

French Délice has been created for all the wine lovers to experience a wine tasting with a French enthusiasm in collaboration with RomeoWine.

Roméo grew up surrounded by vineyards in Loire Valley, which started his lifelong passion for wine. Taught by his father from a young age about the intricacies of wine education, Roméo has built on two decades of wine knowledge. In addition to his International wine expertise, Roméo has also worked in wineries across Australia (Margaret River) and gastronomic restaurants during multiple events around Melbourne.

With a public speaking background and an open and engaging demeanour, Roméo delivers enjoyable and memorable wine tasting education.

After an introduction to French Style, you ready to start your tasting with 3 different wines and cheese.

  • People start to arrive, you can start to meet and connect with new people.
  • Introduction to French Style and the culture of wine in France
  • Wine education
  • Win a bottle of wine by participating to our prize draw
  • Leave after a good night with a goody bag from our special partners.

Different dates are coming. Once the event is sold out, we can add you to the future workshop French Délice.


27 October 2016 at Tu Restaurant - Melbourne
 Screen Shot 2016 10 08 at 12.52.31 pm

For this first workshop called "Introduction to French Style", I want to start from the beginning, at the time when France became stylish. 

  • Why France became so popular regarding fashion and luxury? 
  • How the French created the elegance, the chic and the glamour? 
  • How do you see French style? 
  • How to adopt a French style?

For this, I will tell you a story that starts a long time ago, during the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King and of course I will mention these iconic faces that you certainly know like for example Chanel and the way she reinvented style by imposing her style. Then, I will finish with the French style nowadays. 

This Introduction to French Style couldn't be completed without giving you few tips for you Mesdames but also for you Messieurs.

And of course wine and cheese... and other surprises...

Leave with a goodies bag thanks to my partners.

This workshop is limited to 25 attendees. 














Beauty Tip by Sabrina B.

Bon appétit with Gabriel Gaté

I had the pleasure of meeting Gabriel Gaté a few times and it's with pleasure that I share his recipes with you. 







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