"I happen to have been born a cartesian. The French education is based on a sequence of strict logic. You carry it with you."
Marcel Duchamp
Michel Canetti
French Illustrator born in Paris and living in Melbourne. He's such a talented artist who I have the privilege to know and worked for the prestigious magazine L'Officiel. Read my interview Entre Michel et Moi.
Dillée Art Consultants
French excellence in works of Art, Decor and Culture
Brighton, Victoria
Guillaume Dillée
This expert in art became also an artist. Totally fascinated in 1986 by the new conceptual painting, Guillaume really started to appreciate every masterpiece for their uniqueness. In 2004, he finally decides to paint again and expresses his creative mind. We are lucky to have in Australia this talented artist who shares with us his passion for art.
Melbourne, Victoria
Catherine Hiller
Catherine studied art in Paris and lives in Melbourne. She concentrates her work on powerful and emotional times. She expresses love and sensuality through her paintings full of colours.
Melbourne, Victoria
Charles Billich
Charles is an Australian surrealist artist. What fascinates me about his art, it's that I can recognise some French inspiration in few paintings. Christa, his wife, is such a lovely person who knows how to highlight the art of his husband. It's always a pleasure to share time with them; it was a honour for me to play the model for Charles and be sketeched by a talented artist. 
Megan Hess
Megan Hess is an Australian fashion illustrator who is deeply inspired by the world of Paris and the prestigious brands. 
Port Melbourne, Victoria



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Who is Caroline?


This is the adventure of a Frenchwoman who has decided to expand her life after 10 years in the French event management industry. After a lot of travels, I decided to settle in Melbourne, the fashion city of excellence in Australia.

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