"A woman should wear perfume everywhere she wants to be kissed." Coco Chanel
Studio Senteurs
Anyès has definitely a gift. She has this magic to create a fabulous fragrance and when she speaks about that you can see the sparkles in her eyes. This French lady arrived 15 years ago in Australia and she has been always passionate by "senteurs", one of the reasons she went to Grasse to study all about perfume.
Mentone East
Do I need to introduce you this brand? After the opening of the shop in Melbourne, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many women walking proudly in the streets with their Longchamp. Longchamp is the basic for a French woman. Classy, modern, and practical.
115 Collins Street, Melbourne
Nat & Nin
I dicovered this brand totally by random in 2005, year of the creation. Two talented sisters Nathalie and Ninny started their journey and I'm so happy to see this brand in few shops in Melbourne. What I like aboutNat & Nin it's the quality of the leather, made in Italy, a bohemian chic style, and the practicity of the bags and wallets.
Find this brand at Mr darcy
298 Coventry Street, South Melbourne
Merci Merci
Personalised Jewellery and accessories. I always have my little bracelet "Paris" with me.
Based in Melbourne, shop online
French Pacific Counter
Find online functional and timeless accessories made in France by Ateliers Auguste, bowties by Le Flageolet. 
Based in Melbourne, shop online



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Who is Caroline?


This is the adventure of a Frenchwoman who has decided to expand her life after 10 years in the French event management industry. After a lot of travels, I decided to settle in Melbourne, the fashion city of excellence in Australia.

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